Kelimutu Tour program in Flores Island Indonesia

Kelimutu tour in Flores Indonesia is a famous trip offered by many travel agents to discover major tourist attraction in Flores island. It is called Kelimutu volcano with its summit of the crater at 1690 meter above sea level. It consists of three crater lakes together with varying colors from each other and it changes color at anytime without prior notice. It makes this place so exciting and wonderful spot to be discovered. These Kelimutu three lakes are: Tiwu ata Mbupu (Lake of Old People or wise people) which is usually blue or black located at the westernmost of the three lakes. The other two lakes are Tiwu Nuwa Muri Koo Fai (Lake of Young People) and Tiwu Ata Polo (Killer/Bad people lake), where both of them are green or red color which are only separated by a crater wall. The local people believe that it is the last and permanent resting place for all of death-people souls or called Spirit Mountain. Therefore it is connected to the names of the lake.

Kelimutu Tour program in Flores Island Indonesia.

Some ways to reach to the eastern Flores island especially to join the Kelimutu tour are taking regular flight from Bali and Kupang to Maumere or Ende. From Maumere you can take about 4 hours by bus to Moni. From Moni it is just another 45 minutes to reach Kelimutu lake. From Ende airport takes around 2 hours to reach Moni village and from there take a local transport called Bemo or taxi motor bike called Ojek for 30 minute to reach Kelimutu.

The travelers can also take sea transportation to reach Flores island such as by ferry boat service or by big national passenger shipping line service called: PELNI ship to Flores island and to reach to Kleimutu by land transport. The other best idea to discover Kelimutu by taking the Kelimutu tour package offered by local travel agent for tailor or readymade tour to allocate your effective and efficient program.

Beside Kelimutu volcano as the main point of the tour, travelers could also explore some tourist attraction around the area. Such as: trekking along the forest and passes through the villages and local farmers’ plantation, rice fields, and you can have a bath in the hot spring and marvelous water fall.

The best recommended program to visit Kelimutu volcano is taking 3D/2N. Kelimutu Tour which is great combination seeing these lakes and visiting some traditional villages to experience the little bit unique local culture of Flores people.

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