Komodo Trekking Tour 5D/4N

Komodo trekking tour is one of our most adventure tour-offered to travelers who have enough time and good physical condition. On this trekking tour, you can take different trekking location in several small island within Komodo national park. Main starting point for trekking tour in Rinca and Komodo island is from the ticket office at Loh Buaya and Loh Liang. They can take short, medium, and long trek to go along the trails within the dry forest. Other islands where you go for Komodo trekking tour is Gili Laba Darat. It is famous place for travelers who want to take wonderful sun set or sun rise picture from the top of the hill. Padar island soft trekking tour will also offer the most spectacular landscape the most trekkers now is never forget to put on their travel plan to Komodo park. Other trekking spot within Komodo are; Trekking to discover the petrified wood in Waraloka and the last is Kelor island trek spot for an amazing landscape. This trekking trip is also combined with relax, sun bathing or snorkeling activity at several great snorkeling site.

Komodo Trekking Tour Program

Day 1. Labuan Bajo – Kanawa island – Gili Laba Darat Island

Pick up service at your hotel or at the airport of Labuan Bajo, and bring you to the harbor to disembark on local boat tour to start your Komodo trekking tour. After an hours and half, you arrive at Kanawa island. Here you can swim, snorkel and relax at very clean and beautiful beach with great coral reef and colorful fish. After that, we depart to Gili Laba Darat for an afternoon trekking to enjoy the spectacular sun set. Lunch, Dinner, and Accommodation on the boat.

Day 2. Gili Laba Darat island – Manta Point – Pink Beach – Komodo Island – Padar island

Second day of your Komodo trekking trip is starting with the breakfast on the boat, and then morning snorkeling or swimming at Gili Laba island for refreshing before continue to Manta Point. Snorkeling at Manta Point to see the huge Manta ray. If you are lucky, you can see many of them floating on the surface while eating plankton. Here can also find the great coral reef during snorkel. Continue boating to Pink Beach for snorkeling at most amazing snorkel site in Komodo National Park. Heading for Komodo island for an afternoon trekking to witness the the Komodo dragon and other wild animals. After trekking tour activity in Komodo island will continue tour to Padar island for overnight. Breakfast, Lunch, Dinner and Accommodation are on the boat.

Day 3. Padar island – Kambing island – Rinca island – Kalong Island

Breakfast on the boat, and then soft trekking tour at Padar island to witness the extraordinary landscape around the park. Snorkeling at great spot Padar island before continue boating to Rinca island for trekking to see the dragon and other wild life. After trekking activity in Rinca island, you depart to Kalong island where you can also enjoy the magnificent sun set while witnessing thousands of fruit bats flying out of mangrove forest. Breakfast, Lunch, Dinner and Accommodation on the boat.

Day 4. Kalong island – Warloka village – Kelor island – Bidadari island – Labuan Bajo

Breakfast on the boat. And other trekking spot beyond Komodo National Park is; trekking at Warloka sleepy fishing village to see the unique stone fossils or petrified wood and spectacular landscape too. After that continue boating to Kelor island where it is the last trekking spot on your trekking tour program. Besides, you can do swimming, relax, sun bathing or snorkeling in Kelor island. Depart to Bidadari island as the last snorkel site on this trip. In the afternoon will boat back to Labuan Bajo harbor. Transfer to you hotel for overnight. Breakfast, Lunch on the boat, Dinner and Accommodation are on the boat.

Day 5. Hotel – check out for the next destination

Breakfast at hotel. Free program until time for you to check out and transfer to the airport for flying to the next destination.

Your Komodo Trekking Tour is finished.