Wae Rebo Village Tour 4D/3N

Wae Rebo village tour is a really unique tour to visit the most impressive traditional village of Manggarai tribe called Wae Rebo. The village is located in the high mountain at about 1,200 meter above sea level. it is the only one original and amazing traditional village in Manggarai region which is surrounded by beautiful nature. In Wae Rebo village travelers can learn more about Manggarai tribe, including their daily life style of the most friendly local people, unique culture and tradition and traditional spiritual belief that is connected to the natural surroundings. Local people who live in Wae Rebo still believe that they stay together with their ancestral spirit and natural spirit; therefore they love so much the natural surrounds. So, please!, pay respect to such a this wonderful place. They are also very pleased to share their local culture and their habitual action to the travelers who are coming to visit them. It’s also freely for travelers to have a good interaction with them during their visit to Wae Rebo.

Day 1. Labuan Bajo – Lembor – Narang – Denge – Wae Rebo.

On the day of Wae Rebo village tour, we start to have meeting service with you at hotel or at the airport in Labuan Bajo west Flores, and then drive to the main land of west Flores toward Lembor. En route you can stop at many view points to make panorama picture. Stop at Lembor village as the biggest rice production in west Flores. Here you can take a lunch or just buy lunch box to eat on the way. Continue trip to the south coast Flores via Narang village. Drive to Denge village. From Denge village continue to Wae Lomba River to start your trekking for about two hours through the primary mountain forest to reach Wae Rebo. Very late in the afternoon will arrive at the village, and welcome ceremony will be done by the leader of the village. Simple Dinner and Accommodation will be at the village.

Day 2. Wae rebo village – Denge – Narang – Lembor – Labuan Bajo

Second day of Wae Rebo village tour is starting with simple breakfast at the village, and then begin your trekking in the same path back to the Wae Lomba River. From there you drive down to Denge village. If time permits you can take a bath or swim to refresh at Dinto beach. Stop to take picture for the spectacular landscape of Mules island which is opposite of Dintor village. Luncch will be at Dintor or on the way. Drive back to Labuan Bajo via Narang and Dintor village. In the afternoon will arrive in Labuan Bajo and check in at your hotel for your accommodation.

Day 3. Full day trip to Komodo National Park. Labuan Bajo – Komodo Island – Komodo island – Pink Beach – Rinca Island – Labuan Bajo

This is the combination of Rae Rebo Village Tour with Komodo tour. Early breakfast at the hotel, and then transfer to the harbor to catch a boat trip to Komodo island. Boating for about four to reach the island. Trekking at Komodo island to see Komodo dragon on their natural habitat and to witness the other wild life such as; wild board, deer, birds etc. After trekking, continue boating to Pink Beach ‘the most spectacular beach and snorkel spot in Komodo Park. Here you can spend your time to swim, relax, or snorkel at crystal clear water, great coral reef, and beautiful fish. Continue trip by boat to Rinca island for two hours. Trekking activity at Rinca island to see Komodo dragon and other wild animals like in Komodo island. Rinca also has an amazing landscape. After trekking in Rinca go back to the boat to continue trip back to to Labuan Bajo for overnight. Lunch will be served on the boat trip. Dinner and Accommodation are at hotel.

Day 4. Hotel – Check out for the next destination

Today is the last day of Wae rebo village tour. Breakfast at the hotel, and then you can have a free program until time for you to check out from the hotel. If you fly to the next destination, we can bring you to the airport for catching your flight to the next destination.

Thank You very much for joining us your Wae Rebo village tour.